Storm prep

High Winds or Impending Storm.

~ Custom Covers

Boat covers & Custom Covers should be removed and stowed in a safe location.

~ Curtains & Enclosures

Curtains & Enclosures should either be removed and stowed in a safe location or at a bare minimum should be rolled up and secured.

~ Awning Fabrics

 To remove an awning fabric...

  • Cut the lacing rope (1/8" braided rope where fabric is laced around perimeter of frame).
  • Fold corners up to release tension on fabric. 
  • Push up from underside of fabric to release any adhesion to the frame which may have occurred over time.
  • Finally remove fabric from frame body. If attached to building you will need to slide the fabric parallel to the aluminum track along building edge of frame. This may require one person at opposite end of person pulling to feed the track and act as a guide.
  • Fold and stow fabric in a safe location.
  • NOTE: Vinyl awning fabrics will become brittle over time and awning fabric may become unavoidably damaged with manipulation.

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